Research website that will help you improve your stock picking


This website will help you   

  • Find stocks that should outperform the market. 
  • Manage your own stock portfolio with a robust methodology.
  • Become a better stock trader and a better dynamic investor.  


Averaged annualized return:

20% for 110 investing signals given so far - WITH NO LEVERAGE -



How is it done?

  • A thorough research is done on stock price dynamic and company fundamentals.
  • Stocks that belong to the investment universe benefit from a strong price momentum and offer an attractive value.
  • Blending growth and value will give you a dual advantage.
  • Companies that sell with a good margin a product or a service whose demand is increasing are likely to grow further and reward their shareholders.


Building your edge

  • Two stock reports are prepared daily with different time horizons: one for traders, one for investors.
  • TRADING report suggests a buy signal for "the stock of the day" that is likely to rise in coming days.
  • INVESTING report proposes 5 stocks to watch for an optimal entry point. These stocks should be held several months.
  • Both reports monitor all open transactions until exit with an optimal stop management according to the time horizon.
  • A focused portfolio is built and tracked to help you make money with stocks.


Sample reports

Trading stock report 180820Trading stock report 180820 (197.66 Ko)

Investing stock report 180821Investing stock report 180821 (380.79 Ko)


Free signals

  • All transactions open for more than 60 days are displayed.


Full transparency 

  • All closed transactions are displayed.
  • Number of open trades and average unrealized return are also shown.