Research website that will help you improve your stock picking


This website will help you   

  • Find stocks that should outperform the market. 
  • Manage your own stock portfolio with a robust methodology.
  • Become a better dynamic investor.  


Averaged annualized return:

15% for 124 signals given so far 



How is it done?

  • A thorough research is done on stock price dynamic and company fundamentals.
  • Stocks that belong to the investment universe benefit from a good price momentum and offer an attractive value.
  • Blending growth and value will give you a dual advantage.
  • Companies that sell with a good margin a product or a service whose demand is increasing are likely to grow further and reward their shareholders.


Building your edge

  • A stock report is prepared daily.
  • It proposes 5 stocks to watch for an optimal entry point. These stocks should be held several weeks or months.
  • All open transactions are monitored until exit with an optimal stop management.
  • A focused portfolio is built and tracked to help you make money with stocks.


Sample report

Investing stock report 180821Investing stock report 180821 (380.79 Ko)


Free signals

  • All transactions open for more than 60 days are displayed.


Full transparency 

  • All closed transactions are displayed.
  • Number of open trades and average unrealized return are also shown.